How are the values of the individual skaters calculated???

To value the skaters we use results of the last season, 2022/2023:
European Championships
World Championships Allround
World Championships Sprint
Olympic Games Single Distances

For skaters that didn't skate in either of these their PR's national results and potential, subjectively estimated by the referees, are taken into consideration.
Also the outcomes for skaters that were injured or had an 'off season' are changed accordingly.

All these results are gathered, and the best (more than half) results are taken
to estimate what a skater is capable of at his best.

Generally an average possible WCup points score is calculated, (maximum 60),
and that figure is multiplied with 100,000 and rounded to 100,000 to reach
a value in euro$'s. (maximum 6,000,000 euro$ - minimum 1,000,000 euro$)

In this system the value of a skater is equivalent to an expected WCup point score per race (if you divide the value by 100,000). We'd like to express that by no means this is the perfect system to estimate a skaters value. Every system one uses can always produce 'wrong' values. In between seasons the form of a skater can change drastically, and the art of the player is to foresee or gamble on that.

Any details about this can be asked to Kees, mail: heyakeessie'at'