Rules and Regulations concerning this SpeedSkating contest 2022/2023. ENGLISH
  • You have to pick, one skater (male and female) for every distance in the Worldcup. So you have: 500m Male, 1000m Male, 500m Female, 1000m Female, 1500m Male, 5km/10km Male, 1500 Female and 3km/5km Female. (other World Cup races like the team pursuits, massstart etc will not count in this game).
  • Each skater has a transfervalue that represents the skater's ability to gain WC points for you. This value is based on his/her achievements in the past season(s). The method of calculation of the skater values is explained here.
    If the organisation commitee has the opinion that when during the season a skater is performing beyond expectation the value of this skater can be changed. This will only be done by exception and will only happen at a transfer moment, and a value change takes effect *after* the transfer. (so if a team where the skater is in doesn't change, the skater keeps the old value)
    If you want to buy a skater that is not on the list, please contact the organization.
    If you buy a skater for, say the 500 meter, you don't score the points this skater gets on the 1000 meter. You can, however, put the same skater in your team on more distances, but you have to pay for each distance.
    In the skaterslist you find, for every distance, the costs in eurodollars for every skater(F/M). But beware....there might be some skaters in the list that quit skating this summer. At the links page you'll find the links that might give you some clues!
  • At the regular World Cups the skater get the official ISU-World cup points. If a distance is skated twice in a World Cup weekend half points are given (like for sprint races mostly) At the Olympic Games or WK's the points count double(max 120per distance):

    * distance 1x in a WC: max 60 per race
    * distance 2x in a WC: max 30 per race (ISU points halved)), this is mostly 500 m's
    * distance 1x at WSD or OG: max 120 per race (same points as WC A group, doubled)
    * distance 2x at WSD or OG: max 60 (because both 3/5 or 5/10 will be raced)
    * WCh sprint and Allround: Same as with WSD: max 60 for 500,1000 and long distances as they are raced 2x, 1500 max 120 once. 500m allround doesn't count.
    The official ISU results will count, so if at a later date a skater is removed from the results because of doping, WCSC points will be changed accordingly.
  • You are obliged to buy a skater for each distance. You'll get a budget of 30 million €$ to spend on your team.
    Joining this game is for free.
    At the end of the season, the person with the most points gets the professor Nils Lid Hjort award (as in eternal fame and glory ;))) for being the best coach in the season 2023/2024. You can't earn real money or big prizes. Honour is at stake. We might also award in other honourous categories.
  • Entering and transfers of your team in the contest is done through the SUBSCRIBE page. The (first) subscription of your complete team has to be sent before Friday 10 November 2022 02:30 hrs CET.
    You can make changes in your team on several moments.
    An overview of the season with deadlines and WCSC evensts can be seen on the CALENDAR.
  • If by any (terrible) chance an event or a part of it is canceled, only the skated distances will count for the contest.
  • Everyone can send in one team. Please use your real name if that's possible.
  • Computers and internet services can fail; e-mails can disappear into bit-heaven, errors are possible. It's the players responsibility to make sure that subscriptions and transfers reach us in time. If you don't get a confirmation soon, or before a deadline don't hesitate to contact us personally.
  • In case of doubt the referees (Kees de Vroege, Carool van Kesteren, Yvonne van de Klomp Tom Nieuwenstein and Paul Hanlin Jr) will have the final word on every decision.

  • The organizing committee can be reached through  wcsc'at'